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We aim for the best end-product with each and every project which we deliver. We carefully evaluate a new project before development commences, we assess all concerns and risks in their entirety, and in turn share all potential issues with our clients upfront. After that, we simply deliver the best version of the product that money can buy based upon the parameters of your budget and the agreed scope of work. We promise you excellence!

Our promise

  • We do whatever we can to deliver each project on time. As simple as they may seem, more than 50% of all software projects across all industries are delayed. In most cases, this is a result of initial unrealistic expectations for project completion dates. We look at historical data to accurately predict the timeline of every project and pass this on to our Customers. If we believe your timeline is unrealistic, we will let you know.
  • We will always provide you a predictable pricing structure. We understand that fair and predictable pricing is key for each project’s success and therefore provide you full information on any possible price fluctuations from the very beginning. In most cases, we are able to provide our Customers an accurate fixed bid estimate.
  • We will always suggest the best technology for your project. As a technology agnostic company, we maintain and extend our technology expertise into all major technology platforms. We do not own, license, or re-sell any software products or components. The only criteria we use to suggest a technology for your project is how well it’s going to work.

Our client successes

Mobile search system

Case Study

Search tool designed especially for narrowed scientific group (microbiology). 

Mobile QR-shop

Case Study

An ambitious start-up project, which was planned to unify the main benefits of QR codes with the breadth of functionality of an internet store.

Marketing Management System

Case Study

Marketing activity planner web application integrated with media files storage.