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Corporate e-learning solution for employees training and tuition.




Moodle, MySQL, PHP, PingFederate, Yii

Description of the problem

Our Client, one of the most well known electronic funds transaction operators is allowing clients to pay for bills and purchases as wells as sending and receiving money transfers. In order to successfully develop and expand the reach of its offers, the company places a special emphasis on the technical training of its employees starting on their first day of work in the company. 

At a certain stage, our Client rethought its existing system of training personnel and decided to create a new training portal for new hires. In addition, for the sake of convenience for all the users, it called for the integration of a solution with an internal company network.



Syberry has completed the Client’s project to the fullest: from needs analysis and a design app up to development and testing with a subsequent expansion of the functions. Company specialists have developed a PHP portal based on Moodle virtual training medium, which allows people to create apps for online and off-line training. The Moodle training system supports all kinds of programs used for training (tests, online courses, and assignments for trainees).

The training portal offers users the following capabilities:

For training instructors:

  • Dealing with training materials
  • Assembling tasks schedules
  • Monitoring visitors
  • Posting tags on completed assignments

For administrators:

  • Managing users’ accounts
  • Creating and editing a list of courses
  • Compiling various types of reports

For new company employees:

  • information on the courses
  • signing up/cancelling online courses
  • signing up for auditing activities
  • tracking own personal progress and displaying the percent of the course program completed
  • turning in tests
  • the ability of grading the quality of some course or other and leaving commentary.

The system also compiles detailed reports on the progress of new hires, records, and cancelations of course sign ups along with the total amount of visits for the site and passing/failing of tests, which allows you to efficiently monitor the training of new employees.


Thousands of new employees and training instructors at our Client's company are currently taking advantage of the capabilities of the training portal developed by Syberry. 

The solution was developed according to the needs of the Client and was instrumental in implementing a new strategy of the company for training new employees by reducing the time necessary for their training and orientation.

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