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Marketing activity planner web application integrated with media files storage.


Document management, Media Content Management


KnockoutJS, MySQL, PHP, Twitter Bootstrap, Yii

Description of the problem

The client had conducted a large quantity of tasks without an information system. The tasks were presented by voice and the coordination was conducted manually. Meanwhile there was a large quantity of interactive and interdependent tasks, which are carried out by different performers. This caused mistakes in their completion and management. In addition, the client used isolated FTP servers, email, and cloud services to store and transfer filed related to tasks, which also complicated administration and control.


Syberry has developed and continues to develop an internal marketing activity planning system for multinational mass media corporation combined with a large-volume media content storage system (videos, images, and documents). The main functional characteristics of the system include:

  • A flexible dynamic control mechanism with taxonomies of tasks and tasks themselves allowing the users to start up new means for classifying tasks in the system, assign attributes to those classifications, and use the given information to construct a personalized calendar.
  • Storage and uploading large volumes of data with the possibility of completing the upload through a browser (files may have a volume amounting to dozens of gigabytes).
  • The ability to publish files to be accessed by users outside the system using personalized links.
  • Presenting activities in the form of a calendar that the users can set up according to their needs by grouping and filtering attributes.



The main program platform for the development of the app is PHP 5.4. The system has been built using Yii app framework and MySQL data bases.

The user interface has been built using TwitterBootstrap framework and is adapted for display on mobile devices. The architectural layer responsible for files storage is designed in such a way that as the volume of the data stored increases, one can easily switch to cloud storage.

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