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Product line for Miami international airport customers providing with airport navigation features and stores and services catalog. 




Android, Flash/Flex, iOS, JSON API

Description of the problem

While visiting large airports, it’s quite a common problem for passengers to encounter difficulties finding their way around their complex internal infrastructures. The largest international airport in Miami has consulted Syberry and assigned it with the task of developing a solution, which would provide a way to simplify the problem. The client would like to receive the app specifically in the form of touch screen information kiosks and its desire is that they would be able to provide passengers with the full information regarding the location of all of the airport’s services, including informing the passenger where he or she is currently located within the airport.



  • The app for the touch screen information kiosk has been developed using flash technology. All the user has to do is touch his or her finger on the screen, the scheme of the airport will immediately open up, and the user will see exactly where he or she is located. The airports’ services are indicated across maps of separate terminals as well, including cafés and shops.
  • Furthermore, the customer has the ability to search information for a particular terminal or for the entire airport and the data filtration system helps the customer narrow down the search and browse within a particular category. Finally, the app enables the user to find out what the flight schedules are and check where the ATMs nearest to the terminal are located.  

  • After analyzing the client’s desires, Syberry proposed developing additionally a mobile app for iOS and Android, which would not be bound to a particular spot in the airport building and would allow the user to receive information whenever he or she needed it. Practically all of the system’s functions were preserved during the development of the app: you could have a look at the scheme of the airport, find coffee or a Duty Free store, or check out the flight schedule. A distinctive function of the mobile app is the opportunity to receive feedback. Should it be necessary, the client will be able to send a support message directly through the app.

  • All app types have been integrated with the client’s server through JSON API. For convenience of use, all monitoring of the content remains within the responsibility of the client and is implemented through a control system. While making any kind of changes, for example, to the name of a service or its description, the changes will be displayed both on the information stands and in the mobile apps.


Syberry specialists have developed a system, which allows passengers to find their way around the airport, find the terminal they need, and check the flight schedule as quickly as possible. The system is designed in the form of two different types of apps: apps for information kiosks and mobile apps.

Touch screen information kiosks are set up throughout the entire airport in areas with the greatest concentrations of passengers with a built-in system. The mobile app can be downloaded free before the passengers’ arrival. Since access to this app is free, the detailed airport scheme has now become accessible to everyone. 



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