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An ambitious start-up project, which was planned to unify the main benefits of QR codes with the breadth of functionality of an internet store.


E-commerce, Mobile


Android, MySQL, PHP, Symfony 2

Description of the problem

The client consulted us with its own idea of a start-up project, which was planned to unify the main benefits of QR codes with the breadth of functionality of an internet store. The main objective of this project was to give its partners the opportunity to significantly expand its client base. To achieve this, the customer had developed the following system:

  • The partners’ products selected would be entered into the system base.
  • For each product in a client’s system, a unique QR code would be registered, which was to be used in a printed advertisement.
  • A customer would see the advertisement and scan the code using a special mobile app, and it would immediately send him or her to a page with a description of the product.
  • A product could be ordered with one press of a button immediately from the internal page of the product.
  • Syberry Company was presented with the task of developing a service “from the ground up”.


The project consisted of a few key elements:

  • a QR code generation system,

  • a mobile app with the ability of reading QR code and a code processing algorithm,

  • a system for storing and managing products for partner producers.

For each individual product that a customer would like to have, a unique code would be created associated with the individual page of the product in the internet store of the supplier. To scan the code, an Android app was used, which was developed by Syberry specialists. The app made it possible to scan QR code and immediately move to the product that was sought on a page with an order form. Thanks to the convenient and straightforward interface, the user could order a product in “just a few clicks”.

All products were then placed in an internet store, which was created by the system automatically and did not require any addition action on the part of the partner supplier. All information is integrated with the system records of the suppliers, so the data on the products are regularly updated, not automatically and not requiring any kind of manual updating.


We also went ahead and developed a system, which would help analyze statistical data regarding places where the mobile app could be used. The system would collect information on where exactly the user scanner the QR code, and thus, it would compile an efficiency map for the ad in different areas of the city.


Each partner of the client received the opportunity to create his or her own internet store, thanks to which they could sell more products though making a minimal investment and maintaining a low amount of expenses.

The virtual store also allowed customers to get 24-hour a day access to the products for sale. The possibility of ordering a product right away “on site” of the ad helped raise the conversion rate of the app by 36% within its first month of rotation in the Google Play store.


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