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Search tool designed especially for narrowed scientific group (microbiology). 




Android, iOS, MySQL, PHP, Yii

Description of the problem

One of the client’s main activities is the development of test methods for clinical biomaterials diagnostics following the principle of multiplex analysis. The client turned to us regarding his current immunoassay kit search engine.

The solution, which was used at that time by the customer, did not allow the customer to quickly and accurately search already extensive database kits.  The outdated system interface did not provide for the usage of filters, which increased the number of iterations for finding the particular kit the customer was looking for, and ultimately decreased the search speed. Also users were not able to customize their profile, for example, by listing the most viewed immunoassays.

Everything pointed to the need to restructure the entire system, to improve the sampling and search algorithm, and implement additional functionality.



  • Syberry analysts conducted a thorough analysis of the existing system and a detailed business analysis of the processes that were being undergone. In addition they analyzed the load on the system. As a result, the customer was offered a solution which was most appropriate for his needs as to the search speed and the ability to integrate data from various partner companies while maintaining the ease of system design and use for the end user.
  • The decision enabled users and immune assays suppliers to interact in the most efficient way, primarily due to the elaborate system data filtering system. The search opportunities significantly increased the relevance of the data that was found, thus accelerating the speed of usage for the user searching for a single test.
  • For the users' convenience, a compact mobile app containing all the necessary functions was developed. This application allows users to store the most frequently viewed immunoassay kits and share the search results with colleagues.


The client was then able to offer immunological kits from many manufacturing partners through a common system. The convenient filter made it possible to reduce the time spent searching for the right kit by three times, which made the application more competitive in the market of similar products.

Its flexible and transparent architecture provides for the easy scalability of the system and suggests the possibility of installing new components if necessary to expand the functionality of the entire system.


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