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Video portal contains over 22 terabytes of video content and offers the opportunity to download video files at any time.


Media Content Management, Portals, Video/Audio streaming



Description of the problem

The largest private internet and content provider in the country by asset quantity possesses a portal significant in size and the breadth of entertaining information it presents, boasts a large quantity of users, and is a frequently downloaded internet project with a large quantity of daily visitors.

The customer had employed two servers for the distribution of wholesome video content. As a result of an incorrect algorithm in balancing the load distribution of users, one of the servers was constantly experiencing an insufficient load while the second was constantly overloaded. In most cases, at the time that the amount of users on the site peaked, the users experienced significant issues in the speed of the information’s transmission, in other words — access limitations to video content.

The crux of the problem

  • Due to flaws in the balancing algorithm, there was no possibility of horizontally scaling the use of the service, including the use of additional services with the increased downloading on the users’ part.
  • The web app through which the users received access to video content wasn’t working fast enough and during peak loading hours a situation occurred where the users couldn’t get into the portal. This lead to complications in providing quality while working with clients.

The solution to the problem


Specialists of the company conducted a full analysis of the needs and the current fashion in which the balancing algorithms of loading visits were implemented. Syberry developed a mathematical loading model and accounts of the popularity of various video files, a method of distributing the load between any quantity of servers, not just two as it was before.

Also as part of the task, Syberry performed a full cashing of the site’s pages as statistical files as well as an adaptive cash reset algorithm while changing the content.

New algorithms for distributing files across servers were implemented taking into account both popularity of that which is being loaded and the balancing of users between servers.  


  • The users of the client receive the opportunity to use a video portal and download video files at any time, even during peak loading hours without any loss in the speed and quality of work.
  • The video portal currently serves 72 thousand registered users and contains over 22 terabytes of video content (about 36 thousand files).
  • The client received the opportunity of simple scaling in the system’s efficiency by means of adding new servers for the storage and distribution of video content.

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