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Internal web-application for investments activities accounting.


ERP-systems, Portals, Web



Description of the problem

The customer is a large oil and gas company, which has long since attempted to find a way to optimize and simplify the management of their disparate projects involving both internal company tasks and operations assigned to be performed with external organizations. Each system had its own set of functions, system of authorization, and separate user base.

The customer requested a multifunctional corporate system, which would allow it to manage human resources, part of which included coordinating the involvement of employees in educational programs as well as keeping track of their  activities in international projects and handling cooperation with educational institutions.



The Syberry team decided to develop a platform composed of six individual modules. Each module has its own interface, functionality, and set of relevant tools. This architecture of the system allows employees to work effectively together within related projects as well as increase efficiency in interacting with third-party organizations. 

Each module solves its own designated tasks. For example, one of the modules allows employees to register as a speaker and find an event for which a request had been issued for a particular topic to be discussed. Report requests on certain topics are allowed to be issued by users of the partner’s organizations. What we did was create mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms, which interact directly with the system through a web service via REST API and always provide its users with to-date information.


We developed a complex internal corporate system that solves several of the customer’s different problems and may be concurrently used by hundreds of the company’s employees. The system interface is intuitively clear and easy to use. A mobile solution was also developed with all the necessary functions for full remote operation of the system.

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