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Company Training Portal

Case Study

Corporate e-learning solution for employees training and tuition.

Solutions: E-learning

Mobile search system

Case Study

Search tool designed especially for narrowed scientific group (microbiology). 

Solutions: Mobile

Marketing Management System

Case Study

Marketing activity planner web application integrated with media files storage.

Popular fashion blog

Blog platform for teenagers and youth built on top of MongoDB with scalability in mind.

Solutions: Portals

B2B multimedia solution

A B2B service with simple CMS and flexible system settings. Allows users to select drama and animated films out of a proposed list and select them into their services package.

Promo website for a movie project

A thematic site created especially for a movie competition project. Managed through the CMS we have developed and allows users to register and vote for the scenes and videos of their choice and add multimedia content.

Solutions: Portals

Online coloring game

The web app allows you to create a coloring games out of a black and white contour image and download the emerging image to his or her computer.

Solutions: Gaming

HR management website

A web app that allows users to manage vacancies: through an administrators panel, you can add/edit/delete a vacancy, check resumes of people who have applied, and designate statuses for resumes.

Solutions: Portals, Web