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For those of our customers desiring complete control of every aspect in the development process, Syberry offers the Dedicated Development Team service. You explain the task to us and we’ll assemble the best team for you.

Designed especially for

  • Customers who have an existing development process and procedures that they already use.
  • Those that have their own in-house development team.
  • Customers who prioritize flexibility in adjusting their development team without the hassle of managing everyday employee issues.
  • Customers who already have experience collaborating with software development teams.
  • Customers who prefer utilizing an adaptable development model.

Our benefits

Quick team assembling and training representing a broad selection of various qualifications and specializations.

Integration with your internal teams and infrastructure.

The same team is maintained for you for the duration of the contract period.

You can distribute dedicated team resources amongst multiple projects depending on your current priorities.

Maximum productivity is achieved over time.

We offer outstanding service by

  • The customer being provided the best selection of would-be candidates through maintained expertise in all fields of modern software engineering technologies.
  • Continuously investing in our employees’ training and expertise. Each one of our team members is regularly evaluated and trained for the advancement of their personal performance and skills. Internal performance checkups are administered regularly.
  • The focus of our teams being on achieving synergy and efficiency in the workplace.

Take control of your success with our Dedicated Development Team!