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We have built a special service for our customers aimed at retaining their maintenance processes optimal and actual. Our dedicated maintenance and support teams perform the tasks of keeping up applications developed by Syberry, as well as by any third party. We offer you a comprehensive approach to maintaining your applications-in-use, modernizing, rebuilding and re-engineering them.

Why you should take advantage of the maintenance and support program?

  • broad technological expertise of our teams allows us to support even legacy systems with minimal or no downtime
  • Automated availability monitoring and alarm system allow detecting the issues before they will be reported by end-users
  • We build and maintain knowledge database for every system to improve quality of well-known issues resolution

What we offer

Daily maintenance and app support

Troubleshooting, problem management, and bug fixes

Training for the vendor’s personnel

Security audit and updates

Our proud strengths

  • We are able to re-assign what resources are necessary according to your current needs.
  • We are highly experienced in the field of maintenance and support, e.g. we always take care of the applications and software we have developed via our Syberry Base Care and Syberry Premium Care programs.
  • We offer support and maintenance service for all current major technology platforms.

Be in control by joining forces with our maintenance and support team!

In regards to any particular case or situation, you may ask our specialists and we will respond in a timely fashion and provide guidance to you as to the best steps that you can take next. By choosing us, what you will gain is a strong, reliable partner to spearhead the IT component of your business.