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At Syberry, we truly care about each and every one of our clients. That’s why so we designed a special service — Syberry warranty plans. Our warranty plans offer permanent or on-demand support by our Support Department specialists.

We care about you!

We do everything we can to deliver a reliable, stable solution that meets all the individual requirements for each our clients. Yet, we understand that this point only marks the beginning of the “client-software” relationship. We take into account the importance of detecting and eliminating even the tiniest problem before it has a chance to influence the whole system. Furthermore, we realize the significance of well-timed patches and updates.

Our Care Plans

You have a strong partner in our person not only along the development process, but also quite long afterwards. We take care of our customers via warranty provided as a base plan for each client. During the warranty  period we take care of all and any issue that may arise due to:

  • software usage
  • implementation
  • troubleshooting
  • consultations 

Syberry provides a 90-day warranty with every project for free.

For those of our customers in need of extra care and additional assistance in a long-term period, we offer our Syberry Premium Care plan.

Our Premium Care plan provide undeniable advantages

  • After signing up for Premium Care, you need not hire any additional employees in your support team.
  • We have significant experience in the field of maintenance and support, so we always offer huge benefits compared to ordinary employees, typically with narrow expertise.
  • You pay less for our support services in comparison with a regular support staff.
  • We consider ways to proactive avoid problems and immediate respond to critical issues as the key points of our work.

Base Care

Premium Care

Syberry Premium Care plan benefits

We decided to sum up the longstanding experience of our Support and Maintenance Services team and develop the Availability and Performance Monitoring System, installed for our Premium Care enrollees. The Monitoring System automatically notifies our technical specialists when the system is not available or if the response time exceeds the normal limit. Moreover, it saves the the system’s operation statistics and enables reports to be received.
Thanks to our offices in the USA, Switzerland, and Belarus, we are able to secure you a very quick response time. In addition, you may choose the most convenient way for you to contact the Support Team technical specialist — be it by email, the HelpDesk system, or by phone. The Syberry Premium Care plan also provides IM chatting and web meetings for immediate and real-time support.

If you would like to sign up for our Premium care plan, just give us a call!

At Syberry, you get care and support from the very start. We look forward to working with you.