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The stability and security of any project is directly dependent on the speed and reliability of an IT infrastructure’s operation. Any seemingly insignificant mishaps, vulnerabilities in the security system, issues accessing the system due to a sharply increasing quantity of clients, or loss of data — all of these could suddenly create a gap between you and your customers that you do not want.

It is exactly for this reason that finding a reliable partner with extensive work experience is so crucial, ideally operating using highly functional systems, willing to take care of all of the administration tasks of your system, optimize it specifically according to the needs of your particular project, and develop an automatic backup system and recovery plan in the case that a failure should occur.

Our advantages

An individual approach to each client

We do not offer ready service plans with a huge quantity of services for which often times clients have no need. Before we even sign an agreement together, we will conduct a thorough audit of your system and prepare the optimal service plan that corresponds specifically to your aspirations and needs.

Narrowly specialized experts in one team

Instead of one employee on your team, you will have the advantage of working will a full-blown team of experienced specialists. We have extensive experience working with large-scale, high-load sites, which qualifies us to properly approach a solution for the most complicated of issues.

Constant support

We employ a global delivery model with several locations worldwide — USA, Switzerland, and Belarus. As a result you will be able to receive practically 24-hour a day support from our team around the clock.

Lack of expert training expenses

We are continuously investing in our employees’ training and expertise. Our specialists constantly work on improving their skills and raising their qualifications, including by means of certified courses. And for all of that, you won't have to spend a dime.

Full control over your IT expenses

After signing an agreement with us, you will have the ability to select a collection of services that corresponds fully to your current needs. This will allow you to pay only for those services that you definitely have a need for. We deliver solutions at a fixed price estimate, T&M model or as a Dedicated Development Team.

Warning of potential issues

Thanks to the large amount of experience we've accumulated and the automatic monitoring means we use, we organize the tracking of your system's operation in real time while frequently updating the details. This will allow you to discover potential issues ahead of time right at the moment that they arise.

Our services

  • Recommendations for selecting a hosting provider based on the project needs and specifics
  • Information system auditing
  • Project design infrastructure
  • Developing and setting up a “private cloud”
  • Installing and setting up servers in Linux framework
  • Evaluating security measures and procedures as well as stability in Linux framework
  • Backup and recovery
  • Process automation using script programming languages
  • Automating processes using configuration management systems
  • Decompressing, scaling, and servicing various DBMS
  • Decompressing and servicing the cloud distribution of data storage
  • Setting up and automating server software for high load projects

Private cloud advantages

If you would like to organize your IT resources in your organization more shrewdly and in high-quality, meanwhile increasing the security of your IT infrastructure and reducing expenditures, we propose that you take advantage of the benefits of your own private cloud. Created “from scratch”, a private cloud will allow you to significantly add to the flexibility and security of your business and also notably cut back your expenses due to optimization of business processes and possibilities for high-user access to data and apps. Using a private cloud also has other significant advantages:

  • You are not tied to just one provider

  • You will be able to significantly add to the productivity of your business optimizing all resources on hand

  • You will significantly improve the security of your system by simplifying and centralizing reserve copying backup procedures

  • You will be able to more quickly and easily adapt to peak loading times by increasing and decreasing resources as they are needed and in accordance with real requests

We are a service company and always offer our customers the optimal decision. For this reason, if  a cloud service is more appropriate during the requirements analysis process and the development of the architecture for the solution to your business or project (for example, Amazon AWS or Rackspace PrivateCloud), we will be sure to propose it to you.

The way we work

One of our projects was based on the system administration of a multi-functional, high-user entertainment portal. The portal contained a multitude of video and audio files as well as web game apps, which results in quite a high level of loading on the server. We had to ensure stable functioning for the site and also guarantee that the infrastructure will withstand large jumps in the amount of loading in the case that a sudden surge of users should occur. We offered the client the following system administration services:

  • Setting up a monitoring and notification system (zabbix).
  • Setting up a reserve data copying system.
  • Setting up varnish for cashing content for high load moments.
  • Installing MongoDB with set up replication, Ruby Environment, and Solr (Java).
  • Installing and setting up a server for Debian as the main ОС and LXC containers for virtualization.
  • Setting up a local CDN for distributing the loading amount during increases in user quantity.
  • Setting up the failover configuration of all the system components. The system continues operating in the event of the failure of one of the physical servers.

Technologies we use

Operating systems

  • Debian
  • CentOS
  • Redhat
  • Ubuntu
  • Gentoo


Backup and recovery

  • Bacula
  • rdiff-backup


Storage systems

  • Openstack Swift
  • Ceph
  • GlusterFS


Configuration management systems

  • Puppet
  • Ansible
  • Chef


DBMS & search engines

  • Mongo DB
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Cassandra
  • Redis
  • ElasticSearch
  • Sphinx
  • Solr

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