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Syberry conducts an independent Quality Assurance testing service of the third party’s apps and solutions. We conduct a full range of services including testing, application review, and test-driven development both for web and mobile applications.

Our approach

  • According to the practice we’ve integrated, we employ several different models of interaction with the customer:

    • Black-box model: we conduct software testing revealing the functionality of an app and without obtaining any knowledge of the internal system structures and code.
    • Grey-box model: we run tests based on knowledge of the principles the system has been built on without interfering with it.
    • Glass-box model: we provide whole system testing with full access to the internal structures and operations of the app.
  • The most proper way of conducting application development is careful planning and maintaining full control of it. To ensure that the contractor realizes your project strictly adhering to the result you are looking for, the best choice is to toggle through our QA team from the very beginning.

    Starting at the BA phase, we provide app construction, proper monitoring of the software engineering processes, and quality assurance methods.
  • We have proven expertise in both automated and manual testing for all major technological platforms and solutions. Our experience saves a considerable amount of the customer’s time and funds given our vast knowledge base of similar systems we have already worked with. We offer performance and usability testing services as well as compatibility and localization tests.
  • Our testing operation is specifically designed for the customer’s convenience and to achieve goals as quickly as possible. We employ a model for customer interaction, which is organized into goals, verifications, and commitments. Syberry’s transparent model allows us to set the process up and convert it into real results on each stage and connect it to the customer’s expenses.


  • Our development team is technically competent and well versed in a wide range of multi-media technologies. We offer value and quality to our clients in media and entertainment services. Our apps have everything customers are looking for in applications, including an intuitive user interface, mobility, intact functionality, and contextual knowledge.
  • Our multi-media and entertainment applications are fully compatible with iPods, iPads, DVD players, PDAs, and smartphones. We are specialized in end-to-end game development for Desktop (PC and Mac), Mobile, and Tablets (iOS, Android and Windows 8) platforms.
  • Our reputation for efficiency and on-time delivery has rewarded us with the opportunity to work with various world-renowned entertainment companies.

Benefits of working with us

A large and well-organized team

Syberry’s QA team consists of 40 full-time employees and is organized into groups according to the specialty required for the oncoming testing


The majority of our efforts is aimed toward the security and confidentiality of the data in the customer’s app. We use the best practices of OWASP techniques to ensure that your product is secure and confidential

A transparent approach

We show the customer all the checkpoints and interim results of the testing process. You will be able to see exactly what you are paying for

A vast knowledge base

Our team boasts significant experience in QA as we are frequently faced with various situations and problems during the app’s development. Our experts know exactly how to avoid them and produce a true quality product

Save yourself some time, money, and headaches and start working efficiently from the very beginning!