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Internet nowadays is an essential part of everyday life. It is that new place where people look for the latest news and fun things to do, correspond back and forth with their friends and their colleges, learn new things, and do shopping. The main thing is that Internet saves people a lot of time and brings them closer together. For this reason, the Internet is becoming an extremely helpful and friendly medium for those who wish to be more connected to society.

Syberry E-commerce expertise

E-commerce systems

One must admit that E-business is the one place where business and customers all over the world can come together instantaneously. All the different types of e-business applications and services can be divided into 3 types depending on their main field of application or the purpose of their service. E-commerce is a component of e-business and is the basis of the buying and selling process.

  • E-communication systems accounts for the broad variety of communication methods throughout the Internet. It features:

    • communication in real time (teleconference systems)
    • the simulation of real time communication (so called “automated online assistants”)
    • offline communication systems (educational portals)
    • сommunication systems with the possibility to interact both offline and online (education portals with an online messaging system and social networks)
  • E-shopping systems are integrated in general applications and services, which allow users to buy and sell. It may be the electronic billing system startup, the shopping cart application, or the entire online shop.

    E-shopping systems are capable of substantially expanding on a company’s core audience and enlarging its total amount of loyal customers. With an effective, responsive, and up-to-date web-based application, it is easier to communicate with your customers, inspire them to make a purchase, improve sales activity, and keep an eye on the purchases.

  • E-management systems are mainly internal systems facilitating and implementing operations with customers (CRM systems), projects and tasks (project management systems), documents (document management systems), and employees (human resources management systems).

    Depending on your individual needs and aspirations, it is sustainable to develop a single or multiple management systems and even integrate several into one unified applications system.

At Syberry, we care about each and every one of our clients. We aim to integrate the customer’s current business infrastructure into an effective web-based solution, or otherwise implement a new concept into the running e-commerce startup. We’ll help bring any idea you might have into fruition.

Our projects

Mobile search system

Case Study

Search tool designed especially for narrowed scientific group (microbiology). 

Mobile QR-shop

Case Study

An ambitious start-up project, which was planned to unify the main benefits of QR codes with the breadth of functionality of an internet store.


Case Study

A B2B-portal for wholesale and retail transactions.

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