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Syberry offers you a wide range of mobile services to develop applications of a great variety of mobile platforms and create mobile versions of existing web-based applications. The full portfolio of Syberry’s app releases is tailored to address the requirements of specific markets and customers and is continuously adapted to meet their evolving business needs. Quality assurance and quick time to market are fundamental to the success of Syberry’s customer networks.

Syberry has extensive experience in the development of multiservice mobile apps for iOS, Android, and WP8 platforms.

What’s the alternative?

iPhone (iOS)

It doesn’t matter what type of business you are running and what application you use to develop it — Syberry provides an easy-to-use, user-friendly, exciting mobile iOS-based app tailored specifically to your needs.

  • iOS can be called the most advanced and secure operating system for mobile devices. It’s convenient for both support and programming, meanwhile the development team only has to adjust the app to 10-12 iOS devices (with featured resolution and hardware capacity).

  • iOS apps are considered by customers to be secure and high quality. On the one hand, each app offered in the App store is carefully reviewed and validated. At the same time, however, it has no direct access to the operating system, which protects the smartphone from viruses and malware.

  • iPhone users are more likely to pay for mobile apps. 

We guarantee you that as a client you will reap the maximum profit experience, knowledge, and understanding of the iOS development space in your experience with us!

Our fields of operation:

  • Apple Pay, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), Push Notifications, Gyroscope  and Accelerometer, HTTP Live Streaming, iAd (Rich Media Ads), Geocoding, iBeacons

iphone apps


We create apps that specifically suit your needs...

  • Android operating system is the world's most popular mobile platform. There are hundreds of different hardware devices from various manufactures running Android OS. Cheap mobile phones on Google’s OS provide it much greater reach across the world when compared to iOS devices.
  • While it is an open source platform, it is very easy to develop and implement changes to apps on it. As soon as an app is developed, it can be sold publicly on the internet. Unlike having only one available store for iOS applications for purchase, there is a selection of alternative stores when it comes to Android apps. They offer a revenue share model that is more favorable to developers and can satisfy the needs of a niche audience.

Our native Android apps are tailored specifically to fit your needs: up-to-date, easy-to-use, and straightforward.

Our fields of operation:

  • Accelerometers, Gravity sensors, Gyroscopes, Audio Capture, Voice Typing, Photometers, 3D graphics, Thermometers, Android Media APIs, Orientation sensors and Magnetometers, Android Security Architecture, Social networks integration, payment SDK

android apps

Windows Phone

If you are planning to develop a Windows Mobile application — you have made the right decision by choosing us. 

  • Windows Phone 8 operation system is best suited for creating “Live Apps”. They present the chosen date on your start screen updated in real time. It also enables integration with various social services as well as photo hub and people hub integration. WP8 apps have an accelerated approval process: an app can get approval in less than five days following its submission.
  • Apps created for windows phones can also run on tablets, PCs, and even on TVs through Xbox. Furthermore the interface can be automatically adjusted for different screen sizes.
  • If you are planning to develop a Windows Mobile app, you have made the right decision by choosing us. We a highly experienced team of Windows Mobile developers who comprise the Syberry Team.

Our fields of operation:

  • Proximity sensor, XAML, C#, Visual Studio 2012

winphone apps

Our projects

Mobile search system

Case Study

Search tool designed especially for narrowed scientific group (microbiology). 

Mobile QR-shop

Case Study

An ambitious start-up project, which was planned to unify the main benefits of QR codes with the breadth of functionality of an internet store.

Search System for the Airport

Case Study

Product line for Miami international airport customers providing with airport navigation features and stores and services catalog. 

The power of Syberry’s facilities is in your hands. Just give us a call!