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If you are looking for a goal-oriented team ready to fully zero in on your project with optimal cohesion and a transparent management process, Syberry’s Dedicated Unit is the choice for you. Our separate Java Development Unit is a wonderful opportunity to get a team of high professionals on your side, efficiently managed and entirely engaged in your project.

Our team

We can work under your Management or offer you ours — it’s up to you. Syberry’s Dedicated Java Development Unit consists of highly trained and experienced professionals. Depending on the type of project and the scope of the job, the Team might entail our standalone, detached QA service team, Usability and Interface Designers, a Business Analyst, and even a Team manager (in case the project is comprehensive enough to involve a number of developers).

Our advantages

Syberry’s Java Dedicated Unit offers a full range of Java development services. We develop both web-based and desktop applications depending on the functions you need, their expected field of use, and other project characteristics.

Spring IOC is the perfect choice for large applications with compound business logic and also in the case that continued support and maintenance are highly needed and the application is to be expanded on and upgraded. The development process will take a little longer, but it will allow for you to reduce expenses, enable scalability, and minimize dependency amongst the application objects.

Play! framework works for the development of quick and efficient web applications. It is capable of supporting well-known java development platforms and raises productivity thanks to bundled testing methods and advanced usability.

Apart from Play! and Spring frameworks, we also use Struts, Spring MVC, and JSF for the development of web applications and AWT, Swing, and JavaFX frameworks for the development of Java desktop solutions.

Benefits of working with us

Flexible project management

We can work under the guidance of your management or plug in our own Project Manager who will be contacting you during the hours you specify

Coherent team

We offer you our knowledge, experience, and flexibility. Our dedicated team will be cohesive, highly trained, and ready to implement any changes that need to be made quickly and in high quality

Individual approach

We thoroughly study all the specifics of your business and masterfully tailor our management and development processes to your business processes and infrastructure

Flexible communication

We approve a flexible communication process and you may choose the most convenient way for you to contact us: by email, phone, or IM (for example, Skype)


We offer you predictable and transparent financial terms

Global delivery

Our offices are located in the USA, EU, and Belarus and therefore we can tailor our working hours to almost any time zone

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