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Microsoft has created a .NET framework in an effort to simplify the development of desktop and web applications. It is without a doubt a catch for developers and designers owing to its creative and dynamic characteristics, particularly the possibility of combining various programming languages (among them are С#, Visual Basic, and J#), re-using them, or using already available code.

Why choose us

  • We employ a comprehensive approach to our customer's tasks and select the most efficient and appropriate solution available thanks to the longstanding experience of our trained team of developers, architects, and analysts in .NET programming.
  • We offer a variety of the most in-demand services in application integration and improvement. 
  • We assist the client in complete application refactoring as well as integration of additional services to the existing web-solution.
  • We employ a native database system — the Microsoft SQL Server allowing you to separate the data from the business logic and therefore make the application more stable, scalable, and cost-effective. Additionally, it offers disaster recovery, backup, and hybrid architecture solutions with Windows Azure — a flexible Microsoft cloud-based application platform facilitating management and hosting for applications, infrastructure, and data in the cloud. 


Our services

Web application development, Desktop application development, Migration of the application to .NET, Integration of the existing application with legacy systems, 3rd party solutions customization, Maintenance and support, Business application integration (database and data integration, application services integration), and In-demand services in application integration and improvement.

Our areas of expertise


Entertainment & leisure


Telecommunication (including IP television)

Social networking

Retail & wholesale

Financial services

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