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For those of our customers desiring complete control of every aspect in the development process, Syberry offers the Dedicated Development Team service. You explain the task to us and we’ll assemble the best team to do the job.

Our team

  • Our PHP Development Unit consists of a group of highly trained professionals with 7 years of experience in PHP application and service development. We can easily and efficiently handle the most demanding of requirements.
  • We boast a unique framework background: our PHP developers have succeeded in flying colors with a vast number of the latest and most well-known traditional frameworks.
  • Whether you’ve got an ambitious desire to obtain a sophisticated, highly interactive social media portal or a tiny, chic web application to be developed in an extremely short period of time, which could be quickly and easily upgraded and updated, we’ve got all the answers.

Our technologies

  • Yii Framework

    Efficient for small and large projects. Allows you to considerably reduce development time and maintain many supplementary features, such as MVC, jQuery integration, as well as various security mechanisms and a collection of AJAX enabled widgets.
  • Symfony 2

    Most efficient for large (enterprise/business) and medium projects. Database logic can be separated from the business logic by means of using Doctrine 2 ORM for database interactions. This way, we increase the security of the project while maintaining its scalability and flexibility. Extensively uses the latest versions of PHP and comes with the templating engine Twig, which is fast, secure, and flexible.
  • Laravel

    Is mostly efficient for small, modifiable projects. Open source community support assures well written and sufficiently secure code. Focuses on simple and expressive code syntax.
  • Zend Framework

    Efficient for medium and large projects. Possesses a flexible architecture and can be additionally used as a component library.

Our advantages

  • We offer experience in developing enterprise solutions, media web portals, and customized web applications. We have longstanding experience in PHP development as well.
  • We offer development of high-security applications by separating interface design, business logic, and database logic. We can help you minimize the costs of interface design development by using the features of Twitter Bootstrap.
  • We offer the ability to maintain and work on applications and solutions based on different frameworks, for example Zend Framework 1, as we possess a mature core codebase and have been in production for a number of years of a significant quantity of sites.

We’ll be glad to see you become one of our customers as well!