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The growing demand for mobile and web application development has led to a search for the most user-friendly (quick and safe) way to build a mobile app. Ruby is an object-oriented, interpreted scripting language that has quickly won quite a bit of recognition thanks to its obvious advantages: renovated agility, accelerated development speed, and its speed in hitting the market. Many customers prefer Ruby in particular for the rapid development of its scalable web applications.

Ruby on Rails advantages

It saves you time

Compared to other technologies, Ruby on Rails is very handy and enables you to quickly progress from the planning stage on to implementation. It also allows you to move from the planning stages to actual development very quickly.

It saves you financial expenses

Ruby on Rails enables you to reuse parts of the custom application in your other projects, rather than developing the entire application from the very start. Additionally, applications on Ruby on Rails are expandable and scalable too.

It facilitates maintenance

Ruby on Rails’ possibilities allow you to develop and implement your own program blocks for plug-and-play functionality and insert fixes early in the development cycle.

Sinatra advantages

  • Compared to Ruby on Rails, it is very lightweight and offers fewer features, but is very convenient for APIs and micro site development.
  • Sinatra works brilliantly with HTTP requests and responses and is very suitable for back-end web services and REST APIs for mobile client development.
  • It is especially useful for quick interface design and quick prototyping of the software.

Why choose us

At Syberry, no matter if you are an upcoming start-up or a large company looking to get what you need without any financial risks right on time, with the Ruby possibilities applied we will jolt the development process, make sure you remain secure, and in the long run shorten the time it takes to hit the market. For you that results in increased productivity and the steady growth of your company

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